20 Of The Easiest To Grow Houseplants

Do you have a ‘green’ home? No, I am not talking about your energy consumption, nor am I referring to your carbon footprint. Do you have green house plants in your home? If you are like me and your thumbs are anything but green, your answer is probably no. Well, not all houseplants require a green thumb. Many plants are easy to care for and come with a whole plethora of benefits for you and your family.

Houseplants have many health benefits. Here are some of the most common and beneficial aspects to having houseplants in your home.

  • Plants remove airborne contaminants

  • Plants can stop headaches

  • Plants can help fight colds

  • Plants can improve your mental health

  • Plants can decrease your blood pressure

  • Plants naturally add moisture to air

  • Plants of certain types can help to heal ailments

Houseplants breathe in the same air that we do. They keep the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen, often filtering out many of the harmful chemicals and allergens that are floating around in the air. Just this benefit alone is worth the small effort it takes to have some in your home.

Here are the top 20 easy to grow houseplants:

  1. Chinese Evergreen

  2. Boston Fern

  3. Peperomia

  4. Succulents

  5. Grape Ivy

  6. Ponytail Palm

  7. Dracaena

  8. Pilodendron

  9. English Ivy

  10. Snake Plant

  11. Spider Plant

  12. Schefflera

  13. Hoya

  14. Columnea

  15. Rubber Tree

  16. Calathea

  17. Pothos

  18. Schefflera

  19. Croton

  20. Jade Plant

Each plant has its own requirements for optimum growing conditions. Do some research to see which plant will fit in best at your home. Some plants can be hazardous or poisonous to people or animals. The more that you know about the plants that you’re considering, the better.

Choosing to add some green house plants to your home is like adding another member of your family. It is fun to care for them and to watch them grow. And all the while they are helping your family in so many ‘unseen’ ways. Make today the day that you add some green to your home!

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