5 Easy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving. A time for family, friends and fellowship. Getting your home cozy and welcoming while reflecting this time of thanks can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are six easy ideas for decorating your home this Thanksgiving.

Simple Thanksgiving votive candles. Candles can be used to illuminate your home or holiday table. Here are a couple simple ideas to create your own festive candles:

  • Dried peas (green), dark kidney beans (reddish brown) and un-popped popcorn (yellow) layered in the bottom of a clear mason jar are the perfect combination for a base to set a small votive candle on. Tie a piece of brown twine or ribbon around the jar to complete these easy accents.

  • Modge Podge some fall leaves to the outside of mason jars of various sizes or baby food jars, and drop a small votive candle inside or add a small battery operated candle. Finish with a piece of ribbon or twine tied around the rim.

Cranberry and twig bouquets. Fill a clear vase half full with cranberries. Add some dark colored twigs as the bouquet. If these aren’t colorful enough, you can spray paint the twigs for some flair or add some burlap or paper ribbon tied around the vase. Changing up the twigs and adding a bundle of wheat will give a harvest theme to this easy decoration.

Thankful tree. Place small twigs/branches in a vase. Cut out some small card stock style stiff pieces of paper. You can cut in various shapes like pumpkins, hearts, acorns, leaves etc. Punch a small hole in them and thread a small piece of twine through the hole. Write something that you are thankful for on each one of them and hang on the tree. Each day ask everyone to add at least one label of something that they are thankful for. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the things that will adorn your thankful tree.

Cinnamon wrapped candles. Place an elastic around a 3” – 4” wide candle. Place cinnamon sticks beneath the band. Continue filling around the candle until it is completely covered. Use varied heights for your cinnamon stick to add texture and depth. Once the candle is completely covered, wrap twine around the candle to hide the rubber band and tie off in a simple knot. These rustic candles are a great addition to almost any occasion.

Pine cone centerpiece or accent bowls. Pine cones are easy to find outside, or you can buy bags of them at a craft store. Fill your favorite wood or fall colored bowl with them. Adding a candle to the middle of the bowl and surrounding it with the pine cones is another option. Fill small baskets with pine cones, cranberries and cinnamon sticks for an aromatic accent that you can place all over your home.

Decorating for thanksgiving can be quick and easy. Following these Thanksgiving decor tips will decrease your holiday stress and increase your home’s holiday dress!

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