Pricing is typically at the top of the list for homeowners evaluating the next home improvement project. Unless you currently work in the home improvement industry, understanding pricing can be daunting for most.   

When you are considering window replacement, many factors can affect the overall pricing.

We have a few scenarios that can help homeowners better scope their project budget when ready to replace their windows. 

  1. Do you need to replace just a single window or a few that have some glaring issues like condensation, damaged sealant, a broken windowpane, or problems with the trim?  
  2. Is your home older, and the goal is to replace all the windows eventually, but not all at once?  
  3. Are you ready to upgrade your home's energy efficiency and curb appeal?  

At Window Nation, we customize every window to fit the exact specifications of your home - just the way YOU want them.  

We will not use stock size windows, irregular windows, or windows that were made for someone else's home. 

Understanding your goals will ultimately help you scope a realistic budget with your window replacement company.

And, with so many fun style options available today, you can blend functional window replacement needs with some significant improvement in curb appeal  

Here are a few additional considerations when planning your window replacement budget:  

  • Material - choose from high-grade vinyl, fiberglass or low-maintenance aluminum-clad wood 
  • Style - Choose from double-hung, sliding windows, casements, awning windows, hopper windows, bay or bow windows or unique shaped windows 
  • Energy Efficient Glass - choose from double and triple pane glass options available with argon or krypton gasses. Several security glass options like laminated and tempered glass are also available 
  • Interior finish and colors - choose from 7 different interior color and woodgrain colors 
  • Exterior finish and colors - choose from 30 unique exterior colors or have a color custom created to match what you are looking for 
  • Grids/Muntins - including a variety of styles in standard and custom patterns 
  • Installation - there are over ten different ways to install your new replacement windows 

It's easy to find out the EXACT price for the right windows and doors for your home. Our expert consultants will be happy to provide you a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate by contacting us here, calling us at 877-659-4491. 

Over 2,000 people each year choose Window Nation because our pricing is extremely competitive, and our selection of products is unsurpassed.

Unlike most companies who only carry one window, we offer three windows (good, better and best) which helps us to fit each person with the window that best matches their needs and budget.  

How much will I recoup on my investment?

Are you planning some home remodeling projects this year? Have you ever wondered, "is that home improvement project worth it?" If the answer is yes, you just might be surprised what return some projects may yield!

One home improvement project that produces a high return on investment as well as saves you money on your heating and cooling bills and freshens the look and curb appeal of your home are replacing your old, drafty windows! Can you guess how much return you'll receive? Click here to find out! 

This is an important question. For sure. In fact, it is so important, it is one of the questions we get asked the most. The reason is obvious. Who wants to start thinking about a big remodeling project if the cost is going to be way beyond what is feasible. We get it. You want a ballpark figure. You want an estimate. You're not asking for a detailed answer. But, at Window Nation, we're all about the details. There are a lot of questions that must be answered when buying new windows. Some are obvious, such as size, quantity, and type. But some are not so obvious. Some have to do with style, aesthetics, and room lighting. Some bring into account your tastes and your past home improvement selections. Some focus on your specific needs in a way that will maximize your budget to get the biggest improvement for the amount you have to spend. There are a lot of details, and those details can all affect the cost that we quote to you. So, it is important to us that we get all of the details right. Here's why:


If we get the measurements wrong on your window installation, your new windows aren't going to seal properly. And, when your windows don't seal properly, you're going to know it. That's why we measure our windows down to 3 millimeters, and all measurements are checked, rechecked, and checked again. The devil is in the details. There are details involved in choosing the right windows, as well. There are different types of windows, manufacturers, features, frames, installation requirements, and more. We want to get it right. We would rather send a certified specialist to you for a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate, than give you a quote over the phone. Only a design consultant is qualified to give you an exact price, and in order to give you that exact price, it is vital that they meet you in your home. We don't want to drop the ball or overpromise and underdeliver. That wouldn't be good for you. And it wouldn't be good for us.


The last thing we want is to come short of your expectations. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase; so satisfied that you want to tell your friends and family how happy you are with your purchase; so satisfied that you'll want to post a great review and help other folks get connected to the best window installation available. And, we know that as soon as we give you a price, you're going to hold us to it. We understand. We're like that too. When a price is put on the table, it is hard to not make it a part of our expectations. But, if we don't meet those expectations, it will leave you feeling less than happy with your purchase. We don't want that. And we're sure you don't want that either.


Giving you a price on windows without seeing them first is a lot like a doctor diagnosing an illness without examining the patient in person. There are a lot of details that can be missed when a doctor doesn't meet with a patient face to face. And, in the end, their diagnosis will only be a guess, and there is a good chance that guess is going to be wrong.


We are members of the Better Business Bureau, and they recommend that we always give an exact price. In order to stay in high standing with them, and to make sure we always do right by you, we offer free, in-home consultations. These consultations include a detailed inspection of the area where the windows will be installed, so that we can give you an exact price, down to the penny, for exactly what you need. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. There is no obligation to buy. When quotes are exact, there is no room for misunderstandings. And, when there are no misunderstandings, there is a greater chance that we'll have a happy customer. At Window Nation, we're all about making customers happy. If you'd like to be a happy customer, reach out to us today, and let's get started.

With costs in the thousands, window replacement is not a cheap home improvement. While many homeowners understand the benefits of replacing old windows with new ones, you may be asking yourself “are double hung windows worth it?” Read on to learn more about double hung windows cost vs. benefits to decide what’s right for you.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

There are many benefits to replacing old windows, but what’s “worth it” to you may differ from someone else’s perception. Here are the top benefits that homeowners report when replacing old windows with double hung windows:

Easy to clean

Do you dread cleaning old windows so much that you hire out for the unpleasant task? Since newer double hung windows tilt in, they make for easy cleaning. When you DIY instead of hiring a window cleaner, you will save money without sacrificing shiny windows.

Decrease air leaks

Newer windows block air from leaking out of your home, so your home maintains a more consistent temperature year round. You will enjoy a draft-free home while using less heat and AC to stay comfortable — so you will pay less each month for oil, gas, or electric.

Conserve energy & save money

When you are looking at curbing energy usage, it’s important that you seal your home’s envelope to lower your overall energy usage before you invest in clean or renewable energy. Otherwise, you would waste energy. By replacing drafty windows with energy efficient windows, you can tighten your home’s envelope, curb your overall energy consumption, and pave the way for clean energy home improvements.

Boost resale value

For most homeowners, the biggest payoff of replacement windows comes at the time of resale. When you take the long view of things, you will appreciate being comfortable in your home year round while increasing your home’s value and asking price when you decide to sell. On average, homeowners recoup 80 percent of the cost of replacing windows when they sell.

To maximize resale value, select double hung windows that mimic the style of your home, especially if it’s a historic house. For example, wood windows with divided light panes keep to the historic style of old windows and add value, while baseline vinyl replacement windows without divided light panels blend centuries and may cheapen the home’s value.

After comparing the expenses and advantages of replacement double hung windows, most homeowners find that the benefits outweigh the cost in the long run.

How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost?

There’s no one size fits all answer for how much do double hung windows cost because it depends on how many windows your home has, the size of the windows, and the features you choose in double hung windows. If you select windows with a low-e coating, which blocks UV rays from penetrating the windows, you will pay more than if you forego this feature. However, your furniture might fade unevenly — which means you may spend more over time in replacing that sofa and rug!

At Window Nation, we run specials that allow homeowners to save money on replacement double hung windows and have helped many homeowners answer the question, “are double hung windows worth it?“

We are happy to talk more about the features that set our windows apart, help you select the right features for your new double hung windows, and provide you with a free in-home estimate for double hung or any other kind replacement windows.

As consumers we always want to know the bottom line up front. When we are shopping, we try to be savvy and only look at items in our price range. I mean, who goes to the BMW dealership with an economy car budget? It’s just silly and tempting to look at something that you know is not for you. It’s frustrating for us when we don’t understand price ranges on products, especially products that we need and are a substantial financial investment.

Before buying a house or car we research markets to get price ranges and a general idea on what can be bought for just what price. Then we educate ourselves with every piece of information that we can get pertaining to our need. Replacing the windows in your home is also an important purchase. Often, it’s hard to know exactly what price range certain windows are. Whether it’s a difference in style, brand or size it, they can all make a difference. Many people ask for a ‘round’ figure. Well, in the world of replacement windows a round figure, just like a ‘standard’ size window doesn’t really exist.

Replacement windows come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and color and glass options. You can keep the same traditional look that you have, or swap it up and add a new color or glass style. Here at Window Nation we sell and install some of this nation’s leading brands of replacement windows. These replacement windows are truly made custom to your specifications, so it is nearly impossible to give you a ‘round’ number for price.

We strongly suggest that anyone who is considering replacing their windows, to schedule a free home visit and evaluation. This visit will allow one of our window professionals to spend time at the actual home to discuss the clients’ window needs and desires. Our friendly and courteous professionals will take measurements and discuss options with the potential clients; getting as much information as possible so that we can give an accurate quote for window replacement. We strive to provide all our customers with a ‘good, better and best’ scenario of choices for potential window replacement.

There is no such thing as a standard window anymore, which means that there is no such thing as a standard price. Replacement windows by nature, and design as completely custom, or at least they should be to ensure a perfect fit into your existing window openings. Here at Window Nation we know that the window world can be foreign to the majority of the general public so we pledge to help all of our clients and potential clients to better understand the need for replacement windows that fit not only in your home, but in your budget. Contact us today for your free in home visit and consultation.