It is no secret that having plants in your home is good for you and your family’s health. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Oxygen affects our entire body and how well we function. Having living green plants in your home will increase the air quality you live with every day. Good air quality helps you have good health and well-being. Plants also add an extra element of fresh life. Making your house seem more like a home. Depending on the plants that you choose, having houseplants can also provide spices and sustenance. Having a greener home with living plants is a winning choice.

So you may have decided that having a houseplant is a great idea. You would like to freshen up your home, add some life and start growing a few plants of your own. Now comes the hard part, choosing which plants are right for you. The best bet is to start out with some easy choices and see how they do in your home’s environment. Here are a few easy to grow houseplants to choose from.

  • Norfolk Island Pine: This small tree can make any room cozy. It just needs lots of light and humidity.

  • Peperomia: This colorful plant has waxy leaves sure to add texture and color to any room. It needs medium light and the soil needs to dry between watering.

  • Chinese Evergreen: This plant is tough with nice leaves that add interest to any room. It needs medium light and it needs to stay moist.

  • Dracaena: These plants grow leaves that are green with a yellow strip in the middle creating a beautiful display. They need medium to bright light and the soil should be allowed to dry between watering.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig: This plant grows very nice with interesting shaped leaves growing upward. Medium to bright light is what it requires and it needs the soil to dry between watering.

  • Snake Plant: This unusual plant grows green and yellow leaves out of the dirt like large pieces of grass; making a beautiful statement piece for any home. Low to bright light for this one and it needs the soil to dry between watering as well.

  • Philodendron: This plant has a climbing stem that you can use to create an upward growing plant. Low to bright light here and it needs the soil to dry between watering.

  • English Ivy: This versatile vine plant with deep green leaves adds class to any room. It needs medium light and to be kept moist.

These are just a few of the many plants that you can use in your home to help make it more inviting and alive!

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