Trends In Home Improvements + Colors Of 2015

Planning a home re-model is something that many homeowners will be doing in the New Year. If you are one, it is important to remember that functionality should seamlessly integrate with your personality along with new and upcoming trend and style! Because of this the experts at Window Nation want to help keep you up to date on what the style trends of 2015 are predicted to be.

First, let’s start with color. By simply updating the color pallet of your home, you can very easily, quickly and economically re-model and update the look of your home. According to BEHR’s Color Trend Report, listed below are some of the colors that will be most used in 2015.

  • Nuanced neutrals- These are a group of rustic colors that work well with charcoals, coppers, and oranges. Blue Clay, Mocha Foam, Peach Preserve, Snap Pea Green, and Mulberry Wine.

  • Frosted Pastels- These are soft calming colors. Dandelion Tea, Elusive Blue, Secret Blush, and Dreamscape Gray.

  • Deep Dreams- These are a group of deep relaxing and serene colors. Liason, Essential Teal, Seared Gray, Your Majesty, and Heritage Oak.

  • Social Brights- These are eye-popping bright colors that work great as accent colors. Graphic Grape, Plastic Lime, Sonic Blue, and Clarified Orange.

Other home improvement trends for the upcoming 2015 include:

In the kitchen area choosing kitchen cabinets that are simple and modern in appearance and that require low maintenance are hot right now. Granite counter tops are still a popular choice but quartz composite counter tops are gaining popularity. Quartz composite counter tops are nonporous, resistant to stains, scratches, moderate heat, never needs sealing, and come in a wide range of colors.

For kitchen fixtures, satin nickel, bronze, and oil-rubbed finishes are most popular. For kitchen sinks, homeowners are choosing very deep single sinks that are made of stainless or quartz composites.

Homeowners in 2015 are going to be choosing engineered wood flooring. This option gives the same look as traditional hardwood flooring but requires no sanding and has a very quick installation time!

2015 bathrooms will be void of standard tub as homeowners start replacing them with roomier walk-in showers. And if you have the room and budget, a luxurious “spa” master bathroom will still be a popular choice.

In 2015 your phone won’t be the only thing that is “smart”, linking your home up to a universal device to make it a “smart” home is on trend. People are linking their home to have control of almost everything at the push of a button.

Space is still going to be “in” in 2015. Many homeowners will opt to tear down existing walls in order to create roomier, large living spaces within their homes.

Window Nation hopes that these insights into the home re-modeling trends of 2015 help to make your home improvement decisions a little bit easier to make. And if adding replacement windows or doors into your home is the plan for 2015, Window Nation can help. We have many colors, styles and glass options for you to choose from to not only update the look of your home but to help make it a bit more energy efficient as well!

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