What Are the Benefits of Casement Windows?

What Are the Benefits of Casement Windows?  

Casement windows are a popular choice in Harrisburg, PA, but are they right for you? Learn the top advantages of using casement windows to replace existing home windows and find out when we don’t recommend these windows.

What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows consist of a flat pane of glass with a hinge on the side. The windows swing open horizontally, by a hand crank that’s on the window sill, as compared to standard double hung windows that open vertically.

Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows offer several unique advantages for homeowners.


With a double hung window, you can open half of the window. With a casement window, you can open the entire window for superior ventilation. The open sash guides fresh air into your home for a refreshing breeze.

Casement windows can harness a side breeze that would otherwise pass right by your home since the open window acts as a funnel for air passing by. If you live in a crowded area where there’s not much space between your home and your neighbor’s home, you might not get ventilation without casement windows.

If you enjoy fresh air and want to open up your home, casement windows are a better pick than double hung windows.

Clear Views

If you’ve got a beautiful view, you want to enjoy the view without muntons, which are the grid lines common on double hung windows. Casement windows don’t have these lines, so they offer an unobstructed view to appreciate.

Stronger Security

The design of casement windows offers better security than other windows, which may appeal to homeowners who are nervous about break-ins.

All four sides of the casement window seal into the sash when the window is locked from inside, which makes it much harder to break in. The locks on these windows have a hook shape and embed into the frame, to keep thieves from prying open the window.

Compare this to double hung windows, which can be opened from outside with a crowbar.


Casement windows’ strong locking mechanism keeps wind, rain, and snow from penetrating the home envelope. Since there’s one pane of glass, not two, you won’t have to worry about gaps where air could pass through the windowpanes, the way you would with a double hung. You will feel warm and cozy with casements installed, and the secure seal could lower your utility bills.

When Not to Use Casement Windows

While casement windows have many benefits, they aren’t right for every situation.

These windows cannot accommodate in-window air conditioners because there’s nothing to hold the air conditioner in place (with a double hung window, the top sash holds the AC unit in place). If you need a window air conditioner to cool your home during summer months, leave at least one double hung window in the room.

If you have small children, casement windows post a safety risk. Always pair these windows with screens as a safeguard against falls.

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